I ask myself whether a memory is something that you have, or something that you’ve lost.  This quote from Woody Allen was one of several lovely citations on memories that […]

Béjart Ballet Lausanne

Following our ‘Asian’ stint with Singapore Dance Company, we made our way to Europe and Béjart Ballet Lausanne, in Switzerland. This is the fourth time we work with this company […]


We’ve been teaching this past week at Singapore Dance Theatre, a group of 38 friendly and hard-working dancers from all corners of the world with a strong representation from both […]

January 2017—paperback published

A very happy New Year to you all, and I mean this especially on a personal level. Politically, “happy” is probably not really the right word to be uttering with […]

We’ve just finished some teaching for the Deutsche Oper in Berlin which was enjoyable work with very enthusiastic dancers. There’s always a lot going on in Berlin and one of […]

Here’s a  little warning for anyone traveling from Australia. We have become very safety conscious in Oz, so much so that we take the fluorescent yellow or white strip on […]

If you travel to Asia, and this includes Singapore which is the most civilized place imaginable, you still have to reckon with certain lifestyle differences – small living spaces are […]

Expectations versus reality

Recently we were treated to a performance of Snow White choreographed for his own company, based in the pretty French city of Aix en Provence, by the Albanian choreographer Angelin Preljocaj. The […]

In my last post I began a little rant about the obsession with dance competitions that seems to have taken hold in the past couple of decades. Previously, dance schools would […]